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The days link together with the motivation to
ride.We take advantage of each rideable part of
the island and then re-live and discuss the best
moments at night?Time flies as quick as we fall
asleep every night…it’s almost time to go back
home, brains filled with incredible memories.
Shooting are organized in teams of two or so-
metimes three with Tim who works from the
beach. The press guys test the new gear and
Rou CHATER takes over from Paul LANG to-
wards the end of the trip. All of them got truly
stunned by the exceptional character of the
Our last few moments on the island remain fil-
ledwith thememories of these exclusivewaves,
incredible sunsets without forgetting the loose
donkeys roaming the island. I let Gilles tell you
his version of the story, faithfully watching from
behind the lens.
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