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With the pro advice of Micka
following the golden guidance
coming from Mitu, I get out
there to try, and I succeed. It is
too late now: I got the virus!
After this experience, I can
only strongly recommend to go
and try it out. Go for an adven-
ture and join the community!
It’s not impossible that you will
also fall in love with it. A proof?
I can swear that nobody forced
me in any way to try this sport
without straps or boots!
Freestyle and freeride are still
amongst us despite a personal
and progressive enthusiasm
for the surf despites the tech-
nical difficulties associated
with it. The coming day seem
to be a perfect one to show
the world all the resources in
terms of Caledonia-like la-
goons this island has to offer.
We had a big advantage du-
ring this trip: we could travel
across the island as much as
we wanted, discovering and
enjoying the blue lagoons on
our own.
The freestyle show begins and
Micka is “allowed” to take part
of it for the sake of the tests.
It’s a great thing for the photo-
graphers: I believe there is no
better rider that him to take
the pose in front of the came-
ra. A few locals come to enjoy
the show. Alec, the Califor-
nian kid and rising star, keeps
trying the strapless frontroll
with a great motivation. He
seems to be having a lot of fun
even though this trick is extre-
mely technical. Mitu has been
trying to make it perfect for a
while, but Alec shows us the
power of the youth by landing
it twice!
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